Why choose us

Why choose us?

We are servicing clients across the globe today. Being in field for over 10 years now, we understand the importance of building reliable Data centers, Secured trading platforms, well-trained, efficient and experienced support staff to solve your every query.

  • Safety of Funds
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Rich Knowledge Base
  • Efficient Trading Platforms
  • Advance Trading Tools

A single account multiple markets

With Broker Major, you can tap into many markets to find potential trading opportunities. You enjoy access to a variety of products.

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Welcome to the Broker Major trading centre

Here at Broker Major we know you have a lot of choices so we want to thank you for your business. To show our appreciation we have devised customer appreciation plans that are meant to reward you for being an Broker Major client and offer you valuable tools to enhance your trading experience.

Please click on the buttons for more details, or contact our client services team if you need further assistance.

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Learn as you go

A great challenge for traders is to determine whether a currency pair (or any other asset in that matter) is trending or not. That’s where technical analysis comes in hand, showing if there’s really a trend or not. Looking back in the history of an asset’s price, using this type of analysis, traders draw a line between two important price points in the past